“Meryl if you do it everyone will” – Oprah’s 2020 slogan revealed

An unforgettable line from Frances McDormand’s Oscar acceptance speech will be used by Oprah Winfrey as a slogan for her 2020 presidential run.

The phrase “Meryl if you do it, everybody else will”, said by McDormand on Sunday to encourage female nominees to stand for acknowledgement, is being repurposed to convince voters in 2020 to follow whatever Meryl Streep does.

Oprah has used the buzz around McDormand’s viral Best Actress acceptance speech to capitalise on Hollywood’s and Planet Earth’s unquestionable loyalty to Meryl Streep.

‘”It has been an incredible year for women, but it has been an incredible half century for Meryl Streep,” Winfrey said at her campaign brunch today. “The Academy Awards proved to me that if there is anybody who can unite the country, it’s Meryl.”

Oprah’s 2020 presidential run has been under much speculation since the Golden Globes earlier in the year, but she finally confirmed her nomination after Streep’s support.

Donald Trump has called Winfrey’s use of Meryl as “unfair” and “shamelessly populist”.

But Oprah is not backing down; high on her campaign promises list is to build a fourth wall for Meryl to perform behind and make Harvey Weinstein pay for it.

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