Navy SEAL who got Bin Laden quietly jealous of #EggBoi

The Navy SEAL who shot Osama Bin Laden is holding back his jealousy of the attention #EggBoi is receiving for his own act of political bravery last Friday.

The unnamed special forces commando was spotted at a local bar yesterday, scrolling through his Twitter feed and grumbling bitterly to himself.

Despite being labelled a hero, the SEAL Team soldier’s identity has remained anonymous since the raid on Bin Laden’s compound in 2011, and so he has never received any attention or praise from the public.

“I killed the world’s most wanted man, and all I got was a handshake from Barack,” he was overheard yelling to nobody in particular.

“Hilltop Hoods didn’t even offer me one free ticket!”

“No hashtag for me! No memes dedicated to ol’ [name redacted]! Maybe I should’ve egged Bin Laden, would that have made you happy?!”

Anonymous Navy SEAL

The teenager know as EggBoi has gone viral over the weekend for his “egging” of Senator Fraser Anning, the right-wing politician who definitely does not hate Muslims and is also definitely not a Nazi okay.

“So now I’ve got to find somebody who people hate more than terrorists and Nazis and egg them?!” the commando went on. “This is bullshit!”

“My wife doesn’t even know I was the one who got Bin Laden. Now she’s following EggBoi on Snapchat.”

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