National emergency declares a national emergency

An edited version of this article was published on The Shovel.

The national emergency known as President Donald J Trump has declared that there is apparently a bigger national emergency to worry about.

The natural disaster which meteorologists and economists have named “Donald” has taken a brief reprieve from wreaking havoc on the US mainland to declare that there is a national emergency that needs immediate attention before it wreaks any more havoc on the US mainland.

The nation’s biggest emergency said that unless the US goes into a further state of emergency, he would be unable to fund the border wall and the government would go into shutdown yet again, which would be a national emergency.

The Trump emergency has been an acute international catastrophe since 2016, although many analysts can see signs of it forming for decades.

“If you look at the environment around The Donald’s formation, you can clearly see high pressure zones which usually predict this kind of disaster,” an expert from Harvard commented.

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