White House releases undoctored photo of Trump-journalist exchange

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has released new images of the heated exchange between Donald Trump and CNN journalist Jim Acosta.

“If you were in any doubt about the events that transpired yesterday, these pictures will finally put them to rest,” she tweeted.

The series of photos seem to show the anaemic Acosta attempting to ask President Trump a question before bowing before his orb of pure light and melting into a puddle of goo.

Sanders was criticised yesterday for tweeting out a video of the incident that had been allegedly doctored to appear as if Acosta had struck the intern attempting to take the microphone from him.

“We stand by the video, and these new images. The question is very simple: did his arm come into contact with hers? Did President Trump then dive in between them like he was taking a bullet? Did Jim Acosta then lose all control of his bowels and urine in fear?”

“These photos prove that the answer to all of these questions is clearly yes.”

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