Trump vows to deport Chinese duck found in NYC

After a Mandarin duck was mysteriously found nesting in Central Park, US President Donald Trump has promised guarantee its deportation back to Asia.

The species of duck is only native to East Asia and both bird experts and immigration officials are currently investigating how it managed to get to the US, possibly in a caravan of other avian immigrants.

The duck is not believed to have appropriate documentation and ICE agents were seen zip-tying its wings together and hustling it into the back of a van in the early hours of the morning.

“The duck has been apprehended for questioning and its ducklings separated to a safe facility in New Mexico,” border agents told the press today.

President Trump took a characteristically tougher line.

“You have these Chinese birds coming here in flocks,” he said at a rally this afternoon.

Later he tweeted a promise to deny the duck’s offspring birthright citizenship of Central Park, a move which some are calling a bid to secure more votes for the crucial midterm elections next week.

Critics around the world have labelled Donald Trump a quack, and described the discourse around the duck as “fowl”.

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