Tom Cruise breaks his ego in latest shocking Mission Impossible stunt

Tom Cruise has unexpectedly broken his ego while on the publicity tour for the latest Mission: Impossible movie.

Yesterday while doing a routine interview in Paris, Cruise accidentally looked down at a coffee table and saw a three-star review for Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

The shocking accident was caught on video.

“If you slow down the footage you can really see his ego bruising when he sees the bad review,” said the interviewer who witnessed the accident. “It’s painful to watch.”

Cruise has a reputation for his dedication to his craft of being a movie star, but producers are always careful to keep all lukewarm reviews of his movies out of his eye line.

The star continued with the interview, obviously hurt, and was rushed to his hotel room soon after, calling for a tailor and an emergency copy of Top Gun.

“Tom does all his own stunts, and interviews too,” his publicist said. “These kind of things obviously come with significant risk to his fragile sense of self-worth, and his hair-do.”

“He is in recovery and doctors are optimistic that he will be back in our faces doing some more publicity soon.”

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