Trump pardons Kanye for being Kanye

Following personal pleas from Kim Kardashian, US President Donald Trump has agreed to give Kanye West a pardon for being Kanye West.

Ms Kardashian visited the White House this week, making the case to the president that her husband Kanye West should be pardoned for all of his past behaviour.

Mr West’s crimes against the United States are well documented, including several hundred tweets, fashion statements, and the track “Bound 2”.

West has also drawn criticism recently for his comments in support of Donald Trump and in defence of slavery, two opinions which seem to go hand in hand creepily often.

Following the presidential pardon of Kanye West, many prominent Democrats have denounced the move, noting that it is eerily convenient that Trump pardon a man just weeks after he has publicly voiced his support for the president.

“This amounts to collusion at the highest and most disgusting level.”

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