Trump sends $1billion in chicken aid to KFC in the UK

At the news that KFC stores in the UK have run out of chicken, US President Donald Trump has committed to sending over $1billion in aid urgently.

Trump condemned the fried chicken shortage, calling this an “international embarrassment that has gone on too long” and sending his thoughts and prayers to the families affected by KFC’s closure in the UK.

He also called for an immediate ban of all automatic and semi-automatic deep friers to ensure this fried chicken shortage never happens again.

“I have called on Congress to approve the immediate allocation of aid to KFC and other restaurant chains in Great Britain,” he said at a televised press conference from Florida, where he was visiting the victims of last week’s school shooting.

His proposal of fried chicken aid will face considerable resistance as many politicians take donations from big burger chains, which is no doubt influencing their reluctance to respond to this crisis with meaningful legislation.

“These stores have had their opening hours tragically cut short,” Trump went on, wiping a tear from his cheek. “We cannot let this go on.”

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