Trump health test proves he is the tallest 6ft3 person who ever lived

The president’s first official physical by the White House doctor has confirmed that Donald Trump is the tallest 6ft3 person known to humankind.

“After a thorough physical examination I can confirm that the president’s height is a staggering six foot three, which is certainly taller than I have ever seen in a six foot three person,” the physician to the president Dr Ronny Jackson said.

If the president had been measured as any shorter, for example as is recorded on his driver’s licence, he would have been officially classed as obese.

“I would say 239 pounds is incredibly underweight for an overweight man,” the doctor went on, mopping his brow.

Luckily Trump is one pound short of obese, news which he allegedly celebrated by having the four quarter pounders he was saving until after the test.

The president was also tested for color blindness, but he refused to take the test as he “doesn’t see color”.


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