UN Coalition of Shithole Nations opens borders to asshole countries

The UN council comprised of shithole countries has amended immigration laws to make it even easier for assholes to get a visa to the region.

The Coalition of Shithole Nations has called this “humanitarian” approach a response to increased numbers of refugees from Western countries hoping to escape the scourge of assholes which is currently sweeping the region.

“The nations signed in the Shithole Treaty have a long history of supporting and welcoming travel and immigration from all parts of the world,” the secretary said in closing today.

“Even the asshole countries.”

Representatives from the signed nations voted unanimously to increase the refugee intake of Western assholes, drawing attention to the terrible standard of living that people are often running from.

“If refugees from these asshole nations are looking to escape persecution from despotic, racist, shithole leaders, then we want to send the message that we will welcome them with open arms.”

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