Trump brand launches most realistic game of Risk ever

Trump International has announced its partnership with Hasbro on a new life size version of world war board game Risk.

Donald Trump’s flagship corporation has used publicity around the US President’s recent verbal spars with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un to launch a “new, ultra-realistic” twist on the classic game of international diplomacy and impending nuclear war.

Risk has been a favourite tabletop game for many decades, with players given the opportunity to negotiate world wars and mass invasions from the comfort of their lounge room.

“The new version of Risk ups the tension of the original in that it’s real people playing on life-sized countries,” a Trump International spokesman said at the launch.

“People will get the opportunity to really immerse themselves in the game, with a front row seat to all the death and destruction that go hand in hand with world diplomacy.”

Fans of the game are already posting rave reviews online.

“I can really feel the sense of dread of world war creeping up my spine. Amazing stuff.”

Another reviewer said he “was dubious about this upgrade until I got an actual conscription notice in the mail! To get the US Army on board this product too is great gamification.”

The game will cost approximately one trillion dollars and countless lives.

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