Trump administration bans 7 words hoping we’ll explain what they mean

The Trump administration has sent out a directive to the CDC listing seven words that they will ban until they know the definition of.

The CDC will be restricted from using the otherwise common words and phrases that the Trump administration doesn’t understand, including “fetus”, “science-based”, “transgender” and “integrity”.

A spokesman for the White House says the ban is an important step forward in expanding the administration’s understanding of words, and hopes that the definitions of these elusive words will become clear in the next few weeks.

“Americans need to understand that if they want to feel safe and secure with the definition of these strange words they need to be willing to sacrifice some of them.”

President Trump will be keenly watching cable news to find out what the consensus on the meaning of these words is.

When asked about why “transgender” is in the listed words, Trump responded:

“Uh, transgender is a terrible word. A terrible word. Um… why don’t you tell me what you think I think it means?”

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