Capt Feathersword detained trying to free kids from Nauru

Prominent cast member of The Wiggles Captain Feathersword has been detained in Nauru by border force agents for attempting to cut down fencing and release refugees from Australia’s offshore immigration detention centre.

Captain Feathersword is not known for his political activism, but it is understood that last night he sailed to the small island nation and undertook a covert operation to free the asylum seekers imprisoned there.

This comes just days after The Wiggles released a public statement calling on the Australian government to release the children held on Nauru.

The famous captain of the SS Feathersword is refusing to back down about Australia’s controversial and illegal policy of indefinite detention.

“It breaks me hearties, me hearties!” he was heard yelling as border force took him away.

The group’s outspoken stance against offshore detention has proven that even the nation’s happiest people are fed up with offshore detention.

“We’re contractually obligated to be happy and positive at least ninety percent of the time, but this whole situation is just so infuriating and sad we are at a loss,” said Anthony Wiggle at a press conference today.

“Jeff hasn’t slept all week.”

The group have announced they are releasing a new album of protest songs as part of a rapid rebrand.

The album “Political Hot Potato Hot Potato” features reimaginings of many popular classics including “Big Red Human Rights Violation” and “Fruit Salad Hunger Strike”.

Wags the Dog is also leading Scott Morrison in opinion polls for preferred Prime Minister.

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