Turnbull picks coolest aviators to walk past old Wentworth office

Malcolm Turnbull has returned to his home electorate of Wentworth, selecting the coolest and most non-chalant pair of aviator sunglasses to wear while walking past his old office.

After the leadership spill that cost him the prime ministership earlier this year, Turnbull resigned from parliament, forcing a by-election in his electorate, and then pinged off overseas.

Turnbull didn’t say a peep to support the campaign of Liberal candidate Dave Sharma and on Saturday the Wentworth by-election saw an historic swing against the party he once lead – twice.

Nevertheless, Turnbull strolled past his old office this morning, wearing the aviators and saying hi to old colleagues.

“Oh hi guys, how did the by-election go on Saturday?” Turnbull was heard saying, grinning.

“Soz, I was on holiday. You went alright without my help though right?”

Turnbull denies that he feels betrayed by his colleagues, then excused himself to go drink some Moet outside Parliament House.

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