Banksy projects middle finger onto Alan Jones’ forehead

Street artist Bansky has started following Alan Jones around projecting his latest work onto the radio shockjock’s huge bald forehead.

In response to Jones’ totally reasonable on-air berating of the Sydney Opera House’s chief executive Louise Herron, Banksy has caved to bullying from his own fans to make use of the blank space on Jones’ head too by projecting a giant middle finger on it.

“It’s the best canvas we have,” Banksy said in an Instagram video. “It’s just common sense and I don’t understand why people get so precious about it.”

Herron had refused to allow Racing NSW’s The Everest horse race to be promoted on the sails of the Opera House, but she has since relented.

“Jones is a national icon after all, he deserves the same amount of respect.”

Currently there is no news about whether Banksy plans to put Jones through a shredder when this is all over.

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