Turnbull reports hearing the Jaws theme constantly

Malcolm Turnbull has visited the Parliamentary audiologist this evening after reportedly experiencing a consistent soundtrack of the theme from Jaws ringing in his ears.

The For-Now-PM reported to the clinician soon after today’s leadership spill in which Peter Dutton challenged him and only just lost.

The Past-His-Prime-Minister was seen noticeably disturbed in the halls of Parliament House this afternoon, spinning around and looking over his shoulder in constant paranoia.

“Who’s playing that music? What’s going on?! Julie!” he screamed.

It’s unclear whether the music Turnbull was hearing was actually being played or was some sort of auditory hallucination.

One source reports seeing Peter Dutton carrying a tuba-sized case around parliament this afternoon, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Nevertheless, after the leadership ballot Turnbull was seen overturning bookcases and couches in the party room in search of the source of the ominous noise.

Exhausted, he paused, looking to Deputy Julie Bishop:

“We’re going to need a bigger vote.”

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