Saudi standup prepares revolutionary new material about female drivers

A standup comic in Saudi Arabia has spent the day writing killer new material about all the relatable problems with women driving.

With news that the 30-year ban on women driving had been lifted, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has had an influx of comedians keen point out the hilarious differences between the genders.

“Have you ever noticed that men are from Mars and women are legally obligated to adhere to the dictates of a religiously conservative autocracy?” one said in his set.

“I mean, what’s the deal?!”

Standup comic Jawad bin Seinfeld has welcomed the change of law.

“The creative possibilities this opens up for my profession are incredible,” he told us after a show, leaning casually on the bar.

“I am keen for comedy in Saudi Arabia to reach the levels of equality and mutual respect as has existed in Western countries for decades.”

He told us about a new bit he is writing inspired by US comic Bill Burr about “how feminism is poison and maybe it’s not that big of a deal to hit a woman, am I right?”

A fellow comedian laughed at us across the audience of men.

“That’s gold, Jawad, gold!” he said.