Australia exceeds quota with two white supremacist stories in a week

Australia has taken the world by surprise yet again with not one, but two major headlines about acts of white supremacist support in the space of a few days.

A country largely separated from the rest of the Western world has once again proven that white supremacy knows no borders, exceeding its quota of racist controversies by almost 200%.

“We should be very impressed,” said one far-right supporter. “A Nazi story and a KKK story! That’s an achievement even for us.”

Earlier this week, a photo surfaced of Australian troops in Afghanistan flying the Nazi flag on a vehicle in 2007, an act which the Defence Force has labeled a “sick, twisted, immoral and hilarious joke”.

Just yesterday, a photo of students at a university dressed in blackface and KKK uniforms was shared widely. The students in the photo were discovered to be from Wagga Wagga, which is a shame because that’s basically what people assumed anyway.

It’s understood that with this second headline controversy, Australia is ahead on its quota for acts of white supremacy this month.

“The pressure is off for a bit, but the country’s racists can’t afford to be complacent,” he went on.

“I hope we can keep up the momentum for the rest of the quarter and really bring it home in time for the War on Christmas.”