Upper middle class man to use $10 weekly tax cut to fuel fire for the homeless

In an act of bourgeois selflessness, an inner-city man will collect $10 notes every week and burn them in a garbage bin on his street.

Responding to the Turnbull-Morrison budget unveiled last night, David Westlake of inner-city Brisbane announced he will use the money saved from his tax cut to fuel a fire for local homeless people.

“I just wanted to do some good,” he said, stoking the smouldering pile of $10 bills as Fred Willows, a homeless war veteran, watched on.

The lost revenue from these tax cuts has been mitigated by the government cutting and freezing the funding of several social services, including domestic violence services.

“The government understands that I know how to use my money better than actual government programs,” he said.

“I’m just happy my tax dollars can now get put to better use.”


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