DC executives not feeling so goo…

With news that Marvel Studio’s Infinity War has broken more box office records, the offices of DC Films, their major competitor, have fallen mysteriously silent.

Reports out of LA this morning are that nobody at DC is answering their phone, and that in the area surrounding their offices there is no sound but a light breeze.

A delivery man was spotted knocking at the glass doors of the DC building, gazing into the empty foyer and coughing through a strange cloud of dust.

Films in the DCEU have suffered a string of box office and critical disappointments in recent years, most recently with the lacklustre Justice League, which starred a bunch of people, we think. I dunno. We didn’t see it.

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War, on the other hand, became the quickest film ever to pass the $1billion mark at the box office, more or less guaranteeing their now unbeatable command of the superhero film genre.

When approached for comment, Marvel Studios said they had nothing to say, but were just looking forward to watching the sun rise over a grateful universe.

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