Aboriginal activist should be “deported back to where she came from”

Calls have been made for an Aboriginal activist to be “shipped back to her home country” after she said a thing.

24-year-old Tarneen Onus-Williams is under fire for a comment she made at this year’s Invasion Day rally in Melbourne, when she said she hopes Australia “burns to the ground”.

“It’s disrespectful that somebody can step onto Australian soil and insult our natural way of life,” immigration spokesman Chad Willoughby said today.

“If she doesn’t like it, I say she should get on the first boat back to where she came from.”

Immigration spokesman

The Immigration Department is said to be looking into possible deportation options for the “foreign sounding” Tarneen Onus-Williams.

Ms Onus-Williams has said her words shouldn’t be taken literally, to which most of Australia thought: “no shit”. But the immigration department is not convinced.

“We take all threats of terrorism seriously. We are investigating how exactly the suspect plans to burn Australia to the ground as we speak.”

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