“Insensitive”: Film reminding white people about Aboriginal injustice in theatres on Australia Day

Commentators are calling for a boycott of award-winning film Sweet Country, saying screening it on Australia Day would remind white people of their shameful colonial past and ruin a sacred holiday.

The new Western tells the true story of an Aboriginal man who is unjustly pursued by the law after killing a white man in self defence, a scenario that many conservative commentators are calling “accurate” and “offensive to think about”.

“How dare they release such an excellent, thought provoking movie the day before I want to forget all that stuff?” former opposition leader and novelty doorstop Mark Latham posted on Facebook today.

“It’s so painful for white people to be reminded of the pain we caused. To show this film on Australia Day is very insensitive.”

Mark Latham

Sweet Country is written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Warwick Thornton, whose Aboriginal background is another insult to supporters of January 26 as Australia Day.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for an Aboriginal filmmaker to appropriate this story,” former Prime Minister Tony Abbott said faintly as he sank further into irrelevance.

“Clearly a film about white crime should be directed by a white Australian.”

Mr Abbott wouldn’t argue about the quality of the film, though.

“The film is excellent, but that makes this even more hurtful and disrespectful. Australia Day is about stability, not about changing people’s hearts and minds.”

“I will be campaigning to #ChangeTheDate of Sweet Country‘s release.”

Sweet Country is in unAustralian cinemas nationwide.


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