[2004] US celebrates gay marriage, Australia expected to follow shortly

From the archives

May 17 2004

Here in 2004 the US state of Massachusetts has become the first state to legalise same sex marriage, in what is being called a watershed moment that will surely lead to similar legislation across the world.

“We know that the rest of the Western world will follow quickly after us in 2004. It’s a no brainer!” a gay marriage campaigner said in Boston today.

“I mean just to be clear, it’s 2004 already. It certainly won’t take almost fifteen years for this to happen in other countries. Can you imagine!”

He laughed at the thought of marriage equality taking so long after this year, which as we all know is 2004.

“Countries like Australia already have good public medicine and effective gun control here in 2004, so I’m sure they will breeze through something as simple as gay marriage very soon after 2004.”

Same sex marriage is still unlawful in Australia here in 2004, but Liberal candidate for Wentworth Malcolm Turnbull expects this to change very very very soon.

“All it would take is for a bill to be introduced to parliament and then they vote on it. We are so lucky that we live in a democracy here in 2004 that can enact popular change so quickly and easily.”

Turnbull says any politician who delays such an obvious and popular social good would be a total failure, either here in 2004 or any year.

“It’s like that hit song that’s out at the moment, Where Is The Love? Wow 2004 is such a great year!”

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