Straight ally dramatically turns out the light at gay marriage campaign headquarters

A straight ally of the same sex marriage Yes campaign has left the building today, turning off the lights dramatically on his way out despite many of his fellow campaigners still being there.

Lawrence Jowls of Canberra has proudly been posting on Facebook supportively for the Yes campaign for several months, and at the news that same sex marriage has been passed through parliament, knew that it was time to stop his allyship.

He had a slight wistful smile as he gazed across the campaign headquarters, placing his “Yes” badge in the trash near the door on his way out.

“My work here is done,” he sighed while LGBTIQA+ activists prepared for tomorrow’s ongoing battle.

“Where are you going?” a voice was heard asking him from the now dark room.

“Don’t thank me,” was all he said as he wiped away a tear and nodded to himself. “We are now totally equal.”


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