Tony Abbott thinks Jacinda Ardern will make “a great Prime Ministress”

An edited version of this article was published on The Shovel.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has continued his support for women in leadership roles, saying NZ Labour leader Jacinda Ardern will make “a great Prime Ministress” of NZ.

Mr Abbott released a statement today congratulating Ms Ardern on the formation of a coalition government which will make her New Zealand’s third yes holy shit third female PM

“Jacinda worked really hard on the campaign trail, so good for her,” Mr Abbott yelled from the usual street corner to anybody who would listen.

“I know we would all like to see more not so bad looking ladies in power.”

Tony Abbott

“She really impressed me and I think she will do a great job as Prime Minister… uh, I mean Ministress. That’s what they like to be called these days right? I’m trying to be more open with this sort of stuff.”

Abbott was a notoriously harsh critic of Australia’s first female PM Julia Gillard when he was Opposition Leader against her, although he says that is all in the past.

“In fact I would encourage Jacinda and Julia to get together with a glass of white wine for a girl’s night and chat about mutual experience. My wife has a copy of The Notebook they can borrow for it too.”

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