Person visits place

In hugely important news, a human man named Charles, who has a family made up of other persons, has visited a place.

The man flew to the place, located in South East Queensland, on a plane in the sky. The place he arrived in has lots of other persons there at the moment, too, for an event.

Crowds have gathered to see the extraordinary event of the man arriving.

“I’m very excited to see this man,” said one onlooker. “He has titles before and after his name which makes this even more significant!”

The man’s family has been offered similar treatment in their visits to Australia in the past, including his mother who is a human woman named Elizabeth.

The man’s son, named Harry, has recently received a lot of media attention because he is one of thousands of people who recently got engaged to another human, named Meghan. Their wedding will occur later in the year in a place.

We are proud to bring you this incredibly important piece of journalism, and we are even happier that you clicked on it.

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