BREAKING: Cricket is interesting for a bit

In news that has sent shockwaves through the international community, for the next 24 hours or so cricket will sort of be interesting enough to pay attention to.

With the admission of player Cameron Bancroft to ball tampering in a match?/game?/series? against South Africa, today non cricket fans and other normal people have a reason to read a bit of cricket news and not get bored.

Australian team?/side?/group? Captain Steve Smith has admitted to knowing about the ball tampering plan, but didn’t expect this much media and public attention on the game.

Cricket is a little-known sports game played with a concrete ball, two fence palings and sunscreen. It was invented by the British in 1880 as a game of endurance to see who could stand in the rain for the longest.

“Usually the most exciting thing about cricket is paying close attention to how fast the grass grows,” said Steve Smith.

“After this I think I need a lie down!”

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