Facebook unethically mining our data | Share on Facebook if you agree!

The revelation that consulting firm Cambridge Analytica has been unethically mining and storing the data of millions of Facebook users has sparked outrage worldwide, mainly in the form of shares and likes on Facebook.

The terrifying news from a whistleblower and ex-employee of Cambridge Analytica has been covered by news outlets across the world, encouraging their readers to share and like the article on Facebook if they agree.

A marketing manager at The Guardian says their interview with the whistleblower is one of their best performing videos on Facebook.

“If we look at the engagement analytics for this news, we can see that Facebook users are responding very well, particularly males aged 25-40 in the greater London area who have liked the Wikileaks page and have a history of watching cat videos,” he said.

Referring to stats on his iPad, he said that “you don’t normally see that kind of CTR [click through rate] responsiveness in native videos of this length, particularly with no call-to-action!” laughing as if we knew what he meant.

“We will definitely be posting more videos and articles on the subject of unethical Facebook data mining on Facebook in the future.”

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