#MeToo: Woke men around the world condemn “that one guy who keeps assaulting every second woman”

Men around the world have united in condemnation of “that one guy” who apparently has harassed or assaulted most women on the planet.

Shocked by a huge majority of women sharing stories of sexual assault and harassment under the hashtag #MeToo yesterday, woke men around the world have decided to take it upon themselves to find the “lone asshole” who keeps doing it.

Jaret Wiley, spoken word poet and a man who describes himself as a male feminist on Tinder, tweeted out yesterday:

“I was amazed to learn that most women have experienced sexual harassment. I can’t believe it. Who is this guy who keeps doing it? I hope we can catch him.”

Jaret Wiley, spoken word poet and male feminist

Another twitter user noted in response:

“The time for introspection is over. As men we need to look outside ourselves and start looking all around the world for this guy. Let’s start a worldwide man hunt.”

When he saw how many women have been victims, actor Matt Damon was quick to speak up.

“It must be one guy travelling the world doing this with Harvey Weinstein. The only alternative explanation is that there are abusive men all around us which is clearly just ridiculous.”

Matt Damon

Damon has committed to creating a NGO to find this man and bring him to justice.

“When we catch this guy the world will finally be safe for our mothers, sisters and daughters to live free from harassment, and like watch Sex and the City or whatever without shame.”

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