Martin is a writer, filmmaker, actor and obsessive compulsive worry wart. His work spans documentary, fiction and theatre, and can be difficult to describe in only a few words. So here are a few more:

Martin’s short Instructions Inside won Most Outstanding Film and Most Outstanding Script of Griffith Film School in 2011. He then caught national attention over the next few years for online documentary project Into the Middle of Things, which saw him travel across Australia spontaneously interviewing over 80 total strangers, and was featured on Channel Ten, ABC Radio National, the Queensland Poetry Festival and the accompanying live show at Woodford Folk Festival.

In 2016 he travelled the US with Australia’s premiere satire news site The Chaser reporting on the totally sane and dull process that was the 2016 presidential election. That same year he received development funding through Screen Queensland/ABC iview for live comedy project Pillow Talk, which he was also supported to take to market at MIPTV Cannes.

In 2019 he began self-produced short satire series F Off We’re Full, a satirical comedy about modern white nationalism in Australia, which undergoes further development as we speak. You can watch the teaser episode online now at foffwerefullseries.com

Martin is a fierce mental health advocate, suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder to varying degrees of severity for many years. His comedy/drama series Disorderly was developed through Screen Queensland in 2018 and among other accolades was a 2019 Finalist for the prestigious international ScreenCraft Fellowship. It’s in development right now.

Martin featured in the OCD episode of the ABC’s You Can’t Ask That in 2021, and plays the lead role (opposite a plush toy dinosaur) in Screen Australia-developed series about OCD, Plushed.

His writing has been published in The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, ABC News Online, The Chaser and The Shovel, and was a remote writer and correspondent to The Leak on RMITV. You can read some of his longer stuff in Try Not To Think Of A Pink Elephant (Fremantle Press 2022) and Admissions: Voices Within Mental Health (Upswell Publishing 2022).

Offscreen, he has produced and adapted the acclaimed immersive rock adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado at Anywhere Theatre Festival 2018. He is also the co-founder of Ruckus, one of Australia’s premiere spoken word and independent arts orgs, producing multiple events monthly, including open mics, cabaret, and experimental indie theatre.

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He thinks Twitter is a toxic environment and he will maintain that opinion until he gets more followers. Follow him on Twitter.

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