Martin Ingle is a writer, filmmaker and satirist. His work spans across documentary, fiction and theatre, so can be difficult to describe in only a few words. So here are a few more:

Here you will find more info about the projects he’s working on right now, as well as articles he has written for The Chaser and The Shovel, including content that you won’t find anywhere else (which means they didn’t want to publish it).



His graduate short Instructions Inside won Most Outstanding Film and Most Outstanding Script of Griffith Film School in 2011. Over the following years, his major online documentary project Into the Middle of Things went to the Woodford Folk Festival and the Queensland Poetry Festival, as well as being featured on Channel Ten, ABC Radio National and many regional radio programs across Australia.

In 2016 he was The Chaser‘s first ever scholarship winner, travelling the US reporting on the totally sane and dull process that was the 2016 presidential election.

His comedy pilot script Disorderly received a Highly Commended in the AWG’s 2018 Laugh Out Loud Competition, which placed it in the top six scripts from entrants nationwide. The show is currently in development with Screen Queensland.

He is now a regular contributor to The Chaser and The Shovel, as well as being a writer and contributor to the recent seasons of The Leak.

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