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She Runs

She Runs.jpg

Short Film, In development

On the night of a breakthrough in the development of an experimental time travel device, the team of PhD students working on the project at a prestigious university celebrate with a raucous party. Jay, a brilliant but somewhat outcast member of the team, hijacks the device by herself to travel back in time again and again in an attempt to change the events of the night and stop a charming but manipulative fellow student sexually assaulting her past self.

Written and directed by Martin Ingle

Produced by Caitlin Johnston

With support of the University of Queensland Student Union

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2012 Short Film

What is the price we pay by growing up? When do we lose our childhood innocence? Blending documentary and fiction elements, several character’s stories intertwine among the comings and goings of one working day in modern toy store.

Written and directed by Martin Ingle

Low Angle

2011 Short Film

A short statured actor lands a role on a TV commercial only to discover on set that the industry doesn’t take him seriously.

Written by Ruben Francis and Martin Ingle

Directed by Martin Ingle

Actually, Love.

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2010 Short Film

Everyone has the right to be cliché. All the way back in 2010 we made this fantastic short advocating for gay marriage. We didn’t know it would take seven more years until it was law.

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Written and directed by Martin Ingle