Doctors amazed by world’s fastest tick bite recovery

Pauline Hanson will be studied by medical experts as she today showed no signs of the tick bite that had left her unable to address the media for the past couple of days.

Amid multiple scandals that have rocked One Nation this week, Ms Hanson has reportedly been unavailable for comment due to a facial tick bite that left her “unrecognisable” and “even more insufferable”.

When Ms Hanson appeared in front of cameras today reading a carefully prepared statement, she had been miraculously cured of the effects of the tick bite.

The undercover Al Jazeera investigation recorded One Nation colleagues James Ashby and Steve Dickson seeking $20M from the NRA, as well as catching Ms Hanson herself doubting the Port Arthur massacre.

The revelations were widely condemned by both sides of parliament, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying “Yes! Look over there! Look at the racist! She’s much more racist than us! Isn’t she crazy haha please clap.”

Doctors from the University of Canberra will study Ms Hanson’s case in an attempt to find a way to quickly cure all sorts of political cowardice.

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