Trump denies Helsinki meeting with Putin in Helsinki

US President Donald Trump has held a press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, strongly denying that any meeting was taking place with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

“I’m actually sick of being asked this question,” Trump said.

“Let me say once and for all that I have never seen this man before in my life, and I don’t even see him right now.”

Donald Trump

He then waived his hand in the general direction of the Russian President.

“I’ve never met with Mr Putin, I’ve never heard of Mr Putin, Mr Putin is not a friend of mine… Let me tell you: this is no Vladimir Putin.”

The media tried to get Trump to admit to any kind of collusion with Russia even after the 2016 US election, but he didn’t budge.

“The idea that my administration organised any kind of meeting with Mr Putin here in Helsinki is ridiculous, isn’t it, Vlad?”

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